At Gateway Church Downtown, we strive to maintain a clean, safe. and caring environment where children are shown God's love through words and actions.

Our Philosophy

Children learn the Christian faith best by seeing it modeled in parents and other mature adults. However, we understand that their learning needs are different than those of adults. For this reason, we encourage families to keep children with them during the opening singing time so they can learn the value of being part of the Body of Christ.

After the opening singing, we break to greet each other, and at this time, we dismiss the children (Pre-K–5th grade) for a special children's program with age-appropriate learning.

Older children are encouraged to stay throughout the service, and we provide a "Kids' Bulletin" designed to help them stay engaged during the sermon. We encourage parents and caregivers to follow up with their children about the sermon's message when service has concluded.


All of our children's ministry volunteers are active members who have passed thorough background checks. We try to maintain a ratio of one volunteer for every 4–5 children in this area.

Children at other events

Children are almost always welcome to participate in any church event with their parents. Teaching children the value of learning or serving in church is often best accomplished at the side of their parents.

However, we do understand that sometimes the adults need time to learn and serve apart from their kids. Talk to us about how we can assist you with this!