The effort to plant Gateway Church Downtown began in 2006 and culminated the first public worship service being held on April Fools' Day, 2007, at Hilarities 4th Street Theatre, inside Pickwick & Frolic Restaurant and Club. Despite the fun with the date, it was no joke but the beginning of a gospel movement in Northeast Ohio.

At first, the name was simply "Gateway Church," but the passion that started the church led to the birthing of new churches under the "Gateway" name. Although entirely independent and autonomous, these "Gateway" churches have partnered together for the sake of beginning new churches in the region. After the founding pastor left to plant another church in the partnership, Gateway Church Downtown began a period of transition that led the elder team to pursue finding a space near downtown that the church could call its own. They found that space in late 2014 directly across from the Cleveland State University Wolstein Center. In 2015, they called a new pastor, Chris Schwab.

Today, Gateway Church Downtown is building a gospel movement in the heart of Cleveland. We are convinced that cities strategically positioned to launch the Good News out to the ends of the earth.