What Are Growth Groups?

We are convinced that growing in the faith and knowledge of Jesus requires intentionally taking time to help one another follow Jesus better. One helpful way of doing this is through our Growth Groups. Growth Groups are ongoing, small groups of people who gather to study a certain topic or book of the Bible. Don’t worry—there are no experts in these groups. We are all learners and everyone is welcome, whether you grew up in church or not.

Growth groups are open to everyone whether they are members and regular attenders or just people who want to explore more about faith and Jesus. 

Current Groups

We have several growth groups meeting at present.

Tuesdays • Gordon Square • 7:00 PM

Tuesdays • Downtown • 7:15 PM

Wednesdays • Downtown • 6:00 PM


If you'd like more information on one of the groups, fill out the form below and we'll get you in touch with one of the leaders!

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